EZstatements™ FAQ's

"We are just a small credit union and wouldn’t have interest in adding the service."
In our opinion, small credit unions should be the first to sign up for EZstatements™, especially with Microm and the low initial fee. Smaller credit unions need to stay competitive to not only retain existing members but to attract new members. EZstatements™ from Microm allow small to mid-sized credit unions the ability to offer their members a premium service often limited to large credit unions, without the large fees normally involved.

"How can we get members to sign up?"
Microm will work with you to tailor a program to attract your members to the service. We have worked with credit unions that have given away many different items as an incentive to sign up for the service, remember they are saving the credit union money every time they opt to not receive a paper statement. One credit union set up a raffle for a digital camera and the member was entered in when they signed up for EZstatements™. Hundreds of members signed up as a result of the promotion!

"Not many of our members are computer savvy and are worried about their security online."
Did you know that a large percentage of identity theft begins with someone stealing mail and can be traced to paper? The internet can pose some security risks but it also eliminates the personal information on paper statements and checks, which can put a member more at risk for identity theft.

"What type of security does Microm’s EZstatements™ offer?"
Security is a top priority for our online statement solution. Microm uses SSL technology to encrypt and protect all vital information being transmitted to and from our servers. SSL encryption provides users with the assurance of a valid, “non-spoofed” site and prevents data interception or tampering with sensitive information.