EZstatements™ Demo

Many credit unions are concerned about the time involved to set-up an estatement solution. They believe it will be time consuming and involve a significant amount of training. Many e-statement solutions are complicated and difficult to use. Microm believes in keeping things simple, our solution is geared toward small to mid-sized credit unions and we know how time is valuable every day. You can be up and running within days we can show you how to manage the system in under an hour.

Don’t believe us, try EZstatements™ for yourself.

The EZstatements™ admin site is where you can view enrolled members, enroll a member, view pending enrollments and find enrolled members.

Go to EZstatements Admin
Use Credit Union Number 000 and Password microm.

What about the members, is it hard for them to use the service? Again, see for yourself.

Go to EZstatements Demo Credit Union
Use Account Number 1234 and password microm.