Statement Printing Myths

"We get our statements out quicker than an outside company would."
Many credit unions have the impression that an outside printing provider will take 1-2 weeks to get their statements out. While that may be true of some providers, 95% of Microm's clients statements go out within 48 hours. Most credit unions cannot get them out themselves that quickly and with the accuracy that Microm provides.

"We don’t mail many statements, they are simply distributed in intercompany mail."
Microm can print statements for credit unions and send them back to the credit union for you to distribute via intercompany mail. This allows you to leverage our hassle-free printing service and your employees will no longer need to print, stuff and fold.

"We just don't have many statements to print so it's easier to do them in-house."
For a smaller credit union, it may seem logical to keep the printing in-house. We find that many credit unions, even small ones, prefer to have Microm print their statements for the security knowing the statements are going out quickly and accurately every month or quarter. Further, our processing meets all requirements for your supervisory audit requirements.